Who We Support

Project 1:17 partners with Covenant Development Association (CDA) to bring aid to the children and widows living in five cities or villages in Ethiopia.  CDA has been proving homes, sponsoring, mentoring, and supporting children and their families since 2005.  We find that by partnering with an existing local organization working on the ground we are able to ensure that our efforts and funds efficiently reach the hands of those who need them most.  More information is available at www.covenantdevolopment.org

Ethiopians supported include:

  • orphans living in CDA and government orphan homes in Holeta, Addis Ababa, and Shone;
  • homeless boys in the capital, Addis Ababa;
  • families and children through family, child, and student sponsorship
  • and empowerment opportunities in the cities above plus Ambo and Debre Brihan.

Project 1:17 partners with local government and non-profit foster care and adoption agencies to bring awareness to the need for foster care and adoptive families in North Dakota and beyond. We encourage you to learn more about the need for foster care from these organizations. Often there are more than 200 children in foster care in Cass County, ND at any one time.

  • Cass County has immediate needs for homes for children of all ages but especially adolescent (age 9-16) foster care. If you are interested please contact Rose at 701.239.6804.
  • PATH Treatment Foster Care has also requested that interested families would connect with them to provide nurturing homes for children and youth with treatment needs. You can contact PATH directly at 701.280.9545.

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