School Sponsorships

The sponsored KG kids on their new playground

The sponsored KG kids on their new playground

For the 5th year, we are again excited to again share an opportunity to help truly needy boys and girls be able to continue going to school.  The past four years many of you have joined in to provide funding for children to attend school in Ethiopia.  We have seen the number helped grow from 30 to 40 to 160 to 500 last year.

This year the total cost to send a boy or girl to school is $50- for the whole year.  In addition to the street boys we have been sponsoring, a local Ethiopia church has coordinated sponsoring 150 children in 4 different villages and now over 170 Kindergartners.  Finally we continue to partner with several orphan homes to help their children attend school.

If you’d like to help, please donate online below.  We’re praying and believing for multiplication past the 500.  Thank you.

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