Our Impact

Project 1:17 is working with local churches to recruit new foster care families by hosting informational meetings, providing informational resources, sharing during services, and training local church leaders with a heart to actively advocate for foster children and those waiting to be adopted.

In January 2014, 1o members of our team met 8-year-old Mesilu in Shone Ethiopia.  She was living with her grandmother and two brothers along with another family of five in a two-room home.  On our visit to their home, we discovered that the household was without beds and all nine occupants were sleeping on the dirt floor.  With donations that were brought, our group was able to hire a local man to build bed frames as well as provide new mattresses and blankets for these families.  This is the type of simple need that Project 1:17 exists to meet, greatly improving the daily lives of those who receive aid.

Holeta Ethiopia is home to CDA’s first orphan home.  It is also home to a group of 10 single moms working to support their families.  These women have learned to make paper and clay beads to sell in the market, but their product is not a needed item for many and they were struggling to make the income they needed to sustain their families.  Project 1:17 was able to provide the funds they needed to expand their business to weaving blankets and scarves, which will sell better and help them to earn the money they need to live.

For many families in Ethiopia, farming and livestock herds are a solution to their need for food for themselves as well as products to sell for income.  The most common problem, however, is the lack of funds and land needed to .  Through CDA and Project 1:17, seeds have been provided to Ethiopian families to move them off of monthly support to self-sufficiency.  This is a orphan prevention initiative that show great promise.  Abebech is a mother of 8 whose husband has a permanent brain injury.  When Project 1:17 Abebech was barely able to meet survival needs for her family, but did have access to land through her husband’s family.  Support from Project 1:17 and local church member labor helped Abebech plant her first corn field.

Another team will be traveling to Ethiopia in  June of 2016.

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