Ethiopia 2016


Project 1:17 is leading a return mission trip to Ethiopia to serve and love orphans and the least June 1st to June 15th.   While not everyone is able to go on this trip, all have the opportunity to partner through prayer and financial donations.

Through generous donations over the past years, we have been blessed to support 3 orphan homes, a boys street shelter, two preschool centers serving over 200 children, and by sponsoring now over 500+ students to attend school.  In addition, we have been able to give a hand up to 20+ families as start up funds were provided to start farming operations, a weaving  business, and most recently 2 retail shops selling spices they produce.   Thank you to those who have donated in the past.

In addition, to ongoing support of the orphan homes, shelter, and schools, funds donated (tax-deductible) would be utilized to support new areas of showing love.  With available funds, on this trip we will be working with local Ethiopians in establishing:

  • a bakery ($3,000) providing employment for 5 families currently sponsored
  • flour mill ($6,000) – employment for 10+ folks currently sponsored
  • coffee processing business and shop ($4,000) 5 sponsored families
  • New Girls street shelter ($10,000) first years funding
  • New Water Wells- ($12,500 per well) to be located near the various Shone church plant locations.  It would be very exciting to cut the daily water trips from 4-6 hours per day to under an hour.  We will be meeting with an organization that drills the wells our first day in Ethiopia.

We humbly ask for your support of the ministries Project 1:17 supports in Ethiopia.  Whether it is the original $10 donation idea or $10,000+ your donations are appreciated.  Donations can be made online by following the link below

or by Mail:

Project 1:17
238 Newport Parkway
Kindred, ND  58051

Thank you,

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